Congress accuses Modi-led govt of failing to control inflation, unemployment and protect land


Panaji: Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam on Saturday accused Narendra Modi-led government of failing to control inflation, rising unemployment and protect the land of the country during his nine years of rule.
Addressing a press conference in Panaji, Nirupam said that the inflation and unemployment have skyrocketed and economic situation has worsened during the nine years of rule by Modi-led government.
He accused the centre of working towards the interest of crony capitalists, claiming that the rich have become richer and poor, more poorer.
Nirupam asked nine questions to Modi-led government ranging from price rise, unemployment, national security, social harmony, social justice, democracy and federalism, welfare schemes and COVID-19 mismanagement.
The Congress leader said that the land of the country has been compromised and Modi-led government failed to protect it during their rule.
Nirupam alleged that the Centre has failed on the economic front and also in controlling the price rise.
He said that the Congress during its rule had lifted 26 crore people from Below the Poverty Line to Above Poverty Line. “But in the Modi-led government’s tenure, 28 crore people have gone BPL,” he added.
Nirupam said that the manufacturing industry is facing a setback and is crumbling very fast while unemployment is on rise.
“BJP government failed to create jobs, which it had promised. It even failed to double the income of farmers. As per records, farmers earn Rs 27 a day by growing crops. Such is the situation of farmers,” he lamented.


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