GAKUVED Federation opposes new CRZ Notification



Panaji: Gakuved Federation has strongly opposed the new CRZ notifications 2019 as government plans to snatch our tribals rights over rivers, khazan lands etc due to this several tribal communities like fishermen and farmers will get displaced as our customary rights and environment which was protected will now be destroyed under the new notification.

In the areas of Coastal belt such as Cacra, Nauxim, Bambolim, Odxel, Dona Paula, Siridao, Sancoale, Cortalim, Madkaim etc most of the tribal population is dependent on fishing activities for their Livelihood. The new CRZ 2019 will affect tribal Fisherman. Due to reduction of No Development Zone (NDZ) from 200 mtr to 50mtrs. Construction activities will increase in coastal belt and all waste/sewerage generated will go in sea which in turn will affect fishing activities of Traditional Fisherman. It will destroy Kazan Land.

The central and state government has violated its  own constitution thereby violating the section 3 of the Environment (Protection)Act, 1986 under which the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Notification was enacted with a view to ensure livelihood security to the fisher communities and other local communities, living in the coastal areas, to conserve and protect coastal stretches, its unique environment and its marine area and to promote development through sustainable manner based on scientific principles taking into account the dangers of natural hazards in the coastal areas, sea level rise due to global warming.

The dilution of the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) is a desperate attempt by the government to push Sagarmala plans which will concretize the entire 105km of Coastal of Goa and 190km of riverline of Goa.

In CRZ 2011 it was mandatory of the state government had to notify fishing villages, the eco sensitive low lying areas which are influenced by tidal action known as khazan lands had to be mapped, sand dunes, beach stretches along the bays and creeks had to be surveyed and mapped but all this are now open for development.

The coastal Regulation Zone CRZ 2019 will eventually displace tribal communities like the inland fishermen and their families who are residing close to rivers and all those others who depend on the beach, sea and rivers for livelihoods like toddy tappers, farmers, tourism stakeholders. 


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