From taxi to traditional occupations, Goa is merging slowly, steadily: Shiv Sena


Panaji: Despite winning opinion poll in the year 1967, Goa is slowly and steadily getting merged into other states, due to wrong priorities and political decisions allowing businesses, which encroach into state’s traditional occupations, said Shiv Sena’s Goa Unit Vice President Rakhi Prabhudesai Naik.

Naik has congratulated Goans on the occasion of Opinion Poll Day but has cautioned that misplaced priorities and wrong decisions are gradually leading to the catastrophe which was avoided in the year 1967.

“We are losing our business to the non-Goans. Right from taxi service to fishing, Goans are increasingly being replaced with non-Goans,” she said.

Sena Spokesman said that the services like App-based Taxi service “Goa Miles” has seen how traditional tourist taxi business is overtaken by non-Goan companies under the guise of introducing technology driven services.

She said that similar is the situation in the fishing sector where entire industry is dependent on non-Goans, while traditional fishermen are left out.

Naik said that increasing real estate prices is directly proportionate to the increasing tendency of buying second homes in Goa.

She said that Shiv Sena always has welfare of locals at its heart and that is why has been working on the set direction of “Goenkaranchi Shiv Sena.”

Naik demanded that State government should consult the stakeholders to ensure immediate course correction in various sectors so as to ensure that we don’t lose our businesses to the non-Goans.


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