Congress terms Arvind Kejriwal as chhota modi


Panaji: All India Congress Committee General Secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala on Thursday accused Aam Admi Party National Convener Arvind Kejriwal as “Chhota Modi.”

Addressing a press conference in Goa, Surjewala also termed Kejriwal as “imposter” who has come to Goa to give “cover firing” to the BJP, which is losing the grounds.

“Kejriwal is the person who swore by Lokayukta and Lokpal. He is the person who came to power opposing the congress party. Where is Lokpal? Where has it gone? Why does Arvind Kejriwal no longer speaking about Lokpal,” Surjewala said.

The Congress leader said that Kejriwal used to speak about common man but where has been this hundreds of crores of rupees coming from (for Goa polls).

“Sheila Dixit used to spend Rs 100 crore on advertisement, Krjriwal spends Rs 1,100 crore on advertisement.. He is the same man who swore by honesty and transparency,” he added.

“Where is the government of Aam Aadmi. Arvind Kejriwal is nothing but chhota modi. His mannerism, culture, dictatorship..,” Surjewala said.

The Congress leader said that Kejriwal is an imposter. “Arvind Kejriwal represents finally what RSS or BJP represents. Kejriwal is in Goa and Uttarakhand to give cover fire to BJP which is losing ground,” he said.

Surjewala said that Kejriwal tried to do it last time in Punjab but failed.

He said that there are two people wherever BJP is losing they will send. One is AIMIM , one is Arvind Kejriwal and AAP, they will wear separate hats.

“They will seem to be opposing BJP. Let Goans not be mistaken, at the ends of the day, Kejriwal runs his government with assistance of BJP,” he said.

“Otherwise so many scams have happened in Delhi,  there is no way he would have been able to run the government, he would been behind bars even if 10 per cent of those scams were investigated and taken to the logical conclusion in a court of law,” he alleged.


  1. Goans has accepted AAP as an alternative to Congress. Congress is still in a denial mode. Goans gave Congress more than 3 Decades to solve Goans Electricity, Water, Health, Roads, Environments, Home Delivery of Government Services, Home Delivery of Government Ration and many other problems to solve. But instead of solving Goans problems they joined BJP and betrayed the Voters who voted Congress and not BJP. Congress will again betray their voters and hence Congress voters opted for AAP against Congress in recent ZP Election. AAP will emerge as an alternative to Congress & BJP in 2022 Assembly Election.


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