Congress claims Vishwajit Rane joined BJP under threat, Rane calls Chellakumar insane man


Panaji: Congress party made a claim that their former leader Vishwajit Rane joined BJP under threat from Prime Minister and Amit Shah.

AICC Secretary A Chellakumar said that Rane was made to join BJP under threat by PM Narendra Modi and BJP National President Amit Shah.

He claimed that Junior Rane had personally met him to confess about the threat.

Vishwajit Rane, however, rubbished the statement calling Chellakumar insane man.

This is what Rane clarified:

I have joined BJP at my own will and I was also part of Congress party in the past. Giving threat is a congress culture , not the culture for BJP.

What Chellakumar talking is absolutely rubbish and insane. It is only a sheer frustration of Chellakumar that is speaking and I would like not comment on the comments of insane man.

I have never heard of anybody being threatened to join BJP. This may be the part of Congress culture. Nobody has joined BJP with any kind of threat.

We have joined BJP out of our own will. Joining BJP has helped me in very big way in serving the people of Goa.

What Mr Chellakumar is talking is rubbish and insane and I would not like to comment on the comments of insane man.


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