Comply with FDA guidelines first, don’t advice government: Vishwajit to Fish traders


Panaji: Health Minister Vishwajit Rane has reacted sharply to the action by fish traders demanding that FDA officer Iva Fernandes should be made in-charge of fish testing facility.

Reacting to the demand of the wholesalers, Rane said: I am surprised that Ibrahim is advising government on who should be appointed in-charge of monitoring fish and import of the fish in Goa. The man who could not comply FDA guidelines has no right to make any suggestion to the government. Any amount of representations without complying FDA guidelines would be put in a shredder and thrown in the dustbin.

There is no question of me even conversing or even interacting with the person without these guys complying with the FDA guidelines. FDA guidelines must be complied first and then we can sit down and see how we can lay down procedures and guidelines. This man is trying to tell me what I should do. It is my prerogative as a minister what should be done and who should be appointed where. It is our administration.

We are here to work for the people of Goa in a very transparent manner and without creating any kind of fear and anxiety in the mind of the people. We are here to serve the people of Goa. There is no question of listening to anybody’s representation or anybody’s advice when they have not even come forward to comply with FDA guidelines.

No relaxation in the circular issue will be given, irrespective of the consequences of the circular. First comes, the health of the people, food safety. Both, Vijai Sardesai and myself are very firm that international food safety measures must be taken in the state of Goa where food items are concerned, hence there is no question of discussing any issue with anyone, it may be fish association or any association. Unless they comply with FDA guidelines there is no looking back.


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