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Appoint FDA officer Iva Fernandes as in-charge of fish testing facility: fish traders

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Bambolim: Margao Wholesale Fish Traders’ Association today submitted a memorandum to FDA Director urging her to appoint officer Iva Fernandes as incharge of the fish testing facility.

The associated led by Ibrahim Maulana said that testing at the markets should start immediately.

“ Your department has begun insisting for the trade licences and vehicles carrying fish to be insulated. Due to this, the entire wholesale fish industry has come to a grinding halt,” reads the memorandum.

“No truck with fish has been entering the State and the markets are wearing deserted look,” Ibrahim said.

“While we appreciate and fully agree to adhere to the guidelines in the circular issued by FDA, we would like two months to complete formality,” he added.

“As you are aware, having trade licence is not an overnight job as it requires lot of formalities to be completed. We have begun collecting required documents.

In the meantime, we would urge you to appoint Iva Fernandes as the incharge of fish testing facility across all the markets. We are ready to office space for FDA in Margao Wholesale Fish market.

We request you to start testing of the fish with immediate effect under her guidance,” Ibrahim said.

“The wholesale fish traders and fish vendors will fully cooperate with the officer and on their behalf Margao Whole Fish Traders Association is taking all the responsibility,” he added.

“We have always been providing clean and fresh fish to the people. But recent doubt of chemicals being used on the fish has created an atmosphere of suspicion,” he said.

FDA, being a department with duty to provide clean food, we want that you should take up the task.

Ibrahim claimed that stoppage of the vehicles carrying fish has affected at least 10,000 families who are dependent on this business. It will also affect the hospitality industry and restaurant business.

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