Calangute – Infamy Again


Calangute is in the news but for the wrong reasons, AGAIN & AGAIN!
The Gambling Den bust involving 42 tourists and seizure of more than 10 lakh rupees cash & gambling chips worth Rs 57 lakhs is just the tip of the iceberg. Gambling and Drugs are inter related, in fact every crime is directly related to the Drug Business in Calangute that prospers under the protection of our homegrown Pablo Politico & Co !
With so much Police, Crime Branch, ED, NCB presence, if still such criminals continue with their activities without fear, then it means only one thing – Powerful Political backing! The Goan public needs to understand that for every one case of criminal activity that’s detected, hundreds go undetected under political patronage. Those that get caught are either diversions or newbies functioning independently.

The Politician-Mafia Nexus has deepened it’s roots in the Calangute belt and the Covid scenario has multiplied the Drug trade and related activities including prostitution & gambling. The Grand Cocktail of Drugs-Money Laundering-Bollywood-Mafia has Interstate & International connections which is making Calangute and Goa famous for all the wrong reasons. Our young generation is getting caught in this intricate web of drugs and petty crimes that eventually leads to higher levels of criminal activities & degeneration of our youngsters. This is slowly having a negative impact on Goa’s Tourism image. From a state famous for Beaches & Nature Tourism circuit, we’re becoming infamously famous for neonlit, club-casino, rave-drug party tourism. This ugly form of tourism depends on Corrupt Political patronage and since the present Government literally thrives on Corruption, we’re witnessing an increase in Drugs and related crimes in Goa.

I am continuing my crusade against the Drug menace and call for the support of Goans in this fight against the Drug Mafia and their Political Masters .


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