BJP Govt tried to loot Dental Students during Pandemic time : Goa Forward


Alleging that the BJP government also tried to loot aspiring dental students by increasing semester fees of Dental College to Rs 1 Lakh, the president of Goa Forward Party Vijai Sardesai on Wednesday said that acts of vigilant youths forced the government to reduce the fees to Rs 48 thousand.

Fatorda MLA Sardesai had raised this issue on social media, which received good response from youths and aspiring dental students, to which the government was forced to reduce the fees.

“It is a shameful act by Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant who tried to burden the students by increasing fees. These aspiring dental students aim to dedicate their careers to service, but before coming into this system the government is creating financial hurdles before them. Instead of encouraging them this insensitive BJP government is discouraging the youths who try to pursue a career in dental area.” Sardesai said.

“It is irony that the Chief Minister doesn’t recognize the financial troubles of families. Economy has collapsed and people have lost their jobs, in this situation how families will afford to pay exorbitant fees.” Sardesai questioned.

The doctors fraternity too had called this act (of increasing semester fees) a drastic hike and had said that the government was trying to put doctors and their families in a financial crisis.

“Time and again this BJP government has proved that it has no sense and no heart towards people. This act of increasing semester fees has also proved that Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant is trying to loot students as his exchequers have gone empty.” Sardesai pointed out.


  1. GFP is the best friend of Congress & BJP. No doubt even 1%. BJP formed 2017 Government with the help of GFP. Congress formed Margao Municipal Corporation with the help of GFP.


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