Babu Ajgaonkar hailed as Pernem gives historic lead to Shripad Naik


Pernem: The overwhelming lead of 10729 votes which the BJP North Goa Candidate Shripad Naik got in Pernem has endorsed the decision of Pernem MLA & Deputy Chief Minister Manohar alias Babu Ajgaonkar to join Bhartiya Janata Party stated Pernem Municipal Chairperson & Sarpancha’s of eleven Panchayats of Pernem in a press note issued here today.

In a press note released here, Sarpanchas have said: the strong leadership, effectice decision making skill & accessibilty to common man of Deputy CM Babu Ajgaonkar gave an opportunity to Pernem voters to be part of the victory celebrations of North Goa MP Shripad Naik and for which the Pernem constituents compliment and congratulate Babu Ajgaonkar. Pernem has given highest lead in entire North Goa.

We appreciate the timely decision taken by our local MLA Babu Ajgaonkar to resign from MGP when he realised that an attempt was being made to supress the voice of Bahujan Samaj and endorse his decision to join BJP for progress of Pernem. The results from Pernem have sent a clear message to Congress & MGP that Pernem will always remain with our loved MLA Babu Ajgaonkar.

We appreciate the work done by Union Minister & MP Shripad Naik for Pernem and will always remain indebted to him for getting important project like Ayush Hospital in Pernem. We are confident that Shripad Naik will continue with his contribution for betterment of Pernem in co-operation with our MLA Ajgaonkar.

Our MLA Babu Ajgaonkar has transformed this once backward constituency into a progressive constituency with various developmental works and we are confident that he will bring more schemes and work for upliftment of youth.

The press note is signed by  Suvidha Teli – Chairperson PMC, Pramila Desai – Sarpanch (Korgao), Bharat Gawade- (Virnoda), Vallabh Varadkar- (Dhargal),  Pallavi Parab – (Warkhand-Nagzar),  Sangeeta Gaonkar- (Ozarim), Rosh Fernandes- (Khajne- Amere-Poroscodem), Ramesh Palyekar : (Casarvrnem), Baban d D Souza- (Torxe)

Santosh Malik- (Chandel- Hasapur), Narayan Raul – (Allorna) and  Sonali Pawar- (Ibrampur- Hankhane)


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