After lying, CM finally accepts community transmission: Rohan Khaunte



Porvorim: Independent MLA Rohan Khaunte has said that after lying to the people of Goa, CM has finally admitted about community transmission of COVID-19.

In a series of tweets, Khaunte said “After lying to Goans innumerable times, @goacm has finally agreed that community transmission has started in Goa. I have been voicing against the CM’s lies ever since he aided the spread of coronavirus into the state by his politically satisfying decisions.”

“Now that lockdown is relaxed across the country, how does Goa govt plan to contain the spread? Who is going to take responsibility of our children’s safety who are now being forced to attend the schools?”

Khaunte said “Goa govt’s indecisiveness is putting lives of Goa’s future at risk. The recent notification of restarting the schools is nothing but an attempt to hide govt’s failures risking lives of Goans.”

“Goa govt failed miserably at its implementation of online education but now that most teachers and students have adapted themelves to e-learning, @goacm has released a circular that online sessions aren’t compulsory and all the syllabus must be covered when school reopens.”

“What’s the basis of this thoughtless decision to call 6,000 teachers to schools when CM has himself admitted of community transmission has begun in Goa?”

“I request and for the lack of better words, warn @DrPramodPSawant to retract his decision that puts lives of teachers and their familites at risk because of govt inability to provide necessary educational infrastructure.”

“Continue with online classes, provide necessary resources to every teacher and student and ensure revision when school reopens.”


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