AAP Goa accuses BJP of vote capturing during Chandigarh Mayor poll


Panaji: AAP Goa unit on Wednesday accused Bharatiya Janata Party of “vote capturing” during the mayoral election of Chandigarh.

Addressing a press conference in Panaji, AAP Goa chief Amit Palekar told reporters that the election for Mayoral post, which would have been easily won by INDIA alliance, was rigged by the Presiding officer, who is a mole of the BJP.

He said that despite having clear majority of 20 votes against 14 of BJP and its allies, the latter was declared winners by the Presiding Officer.

“He declared eight votes of INDIA alliance as invalid, without any fair reason and even went away with the ballot papers,” Palekar said.

He said that this was “modern day booth capturing” or “vote capturing” by the BJP. Palekar said that the BJP does not believe in democracy and can violate any rule to win the election.

“They are afraid of INDIA alliance, that is why they stopped using word India and started referring as Bharat. We are also sons of Bharat Mata,” he said.

Palekar said that if BJP is sure of its slogan “Iss Baar 400 paar”, then they should not have taken Nitish Kumar in their fold, ruling out their own announcement that he would never be taken back.


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