Aam Aadmi Party strongly condemns the statement made by health minister Rane that “Storm is Over” on covid situation


While attacking AAP’s public initiative ‘Goans against Corona’, health minister said “After the storm is over, somebody comes to you and tell you we will help you.“

Replying to the statement made by Mr Rane, AAP’s spokesperson and in-charge of Goans against Corona campaign Rahul Mhambre said, “It is shocking to hear the Health Minister say that “storm is over”.
Health Minister should understand that the storm is not Over, its just beginning right now. The health minister himself said that community transmission has begun. Is that what happens when the storm is over? Is the storm over when we are seeing cases increase every day? Is the storm over when patients are unable to find a bed anywhere in goa? Is the storm over when Covid patients are lying on the floor of GMC?is the storm over when ordinary Goans are afraid to step out of their house in fear of this disease?”
“His attitude, lack of empathy is putting more Goan lives in danger. This statement comes at the backdrop of blaming people for increasing number of deaths due to covid. This shows that how the health minister is completely out of his depth in dealing with this pandemic.”, Rahul Added.

Mr Rane’s remark on the ‘Goans against Corona’ campaign is arrogant. He should leave aside politics and work with everyone in this battle against corona. This campaign is not only an Aam Aadmi party campaign but it is people of Goa who are coming together to help Goa defeat Corona.

In Delhi Arvind kejriwal has always said that the essence of Delhi Model was that we brought everybody together, we brought people from BJP & Congress, Central Govt, activists and religious organisations. This is a global Pandemic and the only way to win over this is by working together. It is surprising to see that it seems like Central Govt has left Goa to deal with the pandemic on its own, when Goa and Center are both BJP ruled. Is there any particular reason that centre has not given any support to Goa? Or is it the arrogance of Health Minister that he is not asking for help? *is the central Bjp government not helping goa because a congressman became the health minister after jumping parties?* Why he is putting the life of Goans at stake for sake of his arrogance?

On one hand he is questioning Delhi Model and on the other hand immediately as a result of AAP’s campaign, finally Home Isolation patients are getting Thermometer, Oximeter and Masks, which is a step that is very late, but we welcome it. We must work together to defeat this Corona Pandemic irrespective of party and differences.


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