Goa to start post-covid clinics, schools/colleges in phased manner from September 20, no shortage of beds, Goa model is better than Delhi: CM


Panaji:  Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Friday claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic in national capital of Delhi could be managed, only after central government intervened in the matter.

Sawant said that AAP was trying to project as if they were the saviour of the people suffering from COVID-19, which is absolutely wrong. The Chief Minister said that Goa does not need any model to tackle COVID-19.

The Chief Minister was referring to the campaign launched by AAP to tackle COVID-19 pandemic.

“Some people are pretending that they are the saviours of covid patients in Goa. They are talking about Delhi model,” he said referring to AAP.

“But they should understand that it is government of India which has provided the facilities in New Delhi that helped the covid management. Only after central government took over, the covid management was in a proper shape,” he said.

“We need not require any other model. Goa model is a very good model,” he commented.

Sawant said that Goa is the only state which is providing free of cost treatment and other facilities including food to the covid-19 patients. He said that “no other state is providing such free facility for the COVID-19 patients.”

The Chief Minister said that there is no scarcity of beds in the COVID-19 treatment facilities commissioned by Goa government. “Goans should take care and ensure that they are safe. But if they find any issues like breathlessness, they should get admitted in government facilities,” he said.

Sawant said that majority of the people, who have detected positive for COVID-19 infection, have opted for Home Isolation. He stated that doctors from Indian Medical Association and other agencies have been providing teleconsultation to the patients, who are home isolated.

The chief minister said that the state government is also contemplating the possibility of starting post-covid clinics to provide help for those who have recovered from the pandemic.

He also said that the state government is working towards reopening of the schools from September 20 onwards in a phased manner, starting from higher standards and by following all the social distancing guidelines. He said that the consent of the parent will also be taken before starting the classes.

Meanwhile, Sawant, who himself has tested positive, said that he would continue working in isolation for next seven days from the official residence of CM.

“I have been working from home. I would not be available for public for next seven days,” he said.



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