Launch of India’s first Cyber wellness Centre in Panjim Goa – Initiated by Responsible Netism



Responsible Netism is a social purpose initiative of Ahaan Foundation committed to the cause of child online protection in Maharashtra and Goa. The movement advocates for cyber – wellness to ensure mental well-being in cyber space. Having successfully educated over 1.3 million children and adults since inception, we educate, conduct research and advocate for the cyber rights of children and adults to inculcate responsible online behaviour and combat online distress. We run a pan-India helpline to provide legal guidance and psychological support to cyber victims and aspire to collectively make India cyber safe for children and women.
Rationale: Children and youth are easily available to predators online, hence vulnerable due lack of information and awareness about online safety protocols. Severe cyber threats faced by children through gaming platforms, social media ranging from exposure to predators and cyber-crimes like stalking, photo morphing, cyber bullying, exposure to age-inappropriate sexual content, addiction to pornography leading to epidemics like social isolation, sleep deprivation and depression. The psychological damage caused due to online distress is often very long terms and has no closure.
Our solution – The Cyber wellness Centre –
Currently there is no dedicated center across India to address issues related to online distress. Relieving trauma, stress, anxiety caused due to online distress immediately to ensure their mental well-being and prevent their vulnerabilities is a challenge the center aims at fulfilling. The Cyber Wellness Centre is only one-point holistic resource that will provide a 360-degree preventive and curative solution to online distress. Goa State is now the first in the country to host the Cyber Wellness Centre to making Goa cyber safe. This centre is supported by Teva India
Unique services provided by the CYBER WELLNESS CENTRE:
Provide psychological support, counselling, need-based therapy and treatment if required to victims facing mental health challenges due to online distress.
Screening and treatment for internet dependency or related disorders
Technical support and solutions to identify and address tech-based issues
Education programmes on digital literacy and online safety across educational institutions and within the state.
The Cyber Wellness Centre was launched by the Hon. Chief Minister of Goa, Dr. Pramod Sawant on May 31st, 2022 at St. Inez in Panjim, Goa and was graced by the Chairperson of te commission for protection of child Rights – Mr. Peter Borges Adv. Vaishali Bhagwat, Founder Responsible Netism – Mrs. Sonali Patankar and was attended by dignitaries from the field of education, child protection, development law enforcement, technology and mental health.
The Hon. Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant was delighted to launch the Cyber Wellness Centre on the Historic Statehood Day of Goa and said that this centre is the need of the hour to prevent children and adults from cyber crimes and provide holistic healing on cyber wellbeing. He extended his full support to the cause and urged people of Goa to avail the facilities of the centre which will be totally free of cost. Sir also mentioned that this centre in Goa would set examples for other states to follow. He thanked Teva India for their support to initiate the centre in Goa.

Adv. Vaishali Bhagwat mentioned the need to seek help in time from the centre to ease online distress and also be mindful of our internet usage and understand redressal and reporting mechanisms.

Mr. Peter Borges shared that child online protection is a growing concern felt across sections in the state. He extended his support through the Commission to ensure children are safe online.

Mrs. Sonali Patankar reiterated that Responsible Netism is committed to the cause of online protection and cyber wellness to inculcate values of cyber hygiene in children and adults. She said education and awareness on online safety will enable us to make internet a safer and happier space for netizens and urged Goenkars to reach out to the centre in case of crisis.

Dr. Mukul Joshi share that Responsible Netism is in gratitude to the Hon. CM, to Teva India all dignitaries and people of Goa for their trust in us and our work.

At the cyber wellness centre, we strongly believe, internet rights of children and adults must be protected. We ensure that the Cyber Wellness Centre would contribute immensely towards making India Cyber Safe.

Address: Cyber Wellness Centre – 4th Floor,7 & 8, Silvio Heights, St. Inez, Panjim, Goa – 403001
Cyber Wellness Centre Contact – 9665377797
Responsible Netism pan India Helpline number – 8433701077


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