Zuari land grab allegations resurfaces after a gap


Panaji: The alleged Zuari land scam has resurfaced again with Goa Forward Party chief Vijai Sardesai accusing that the land of Goans is being given to create Delhi, Bangalore colonies.
Sardesai addressed a press conference on Wednesday to highlight the issue again.
After the press conference, Sardesai continued his attack through his ‘X’ account.
Sardesai wrote “GOA’s LAND BEING USED TO CREATE #DELHI, #BANGALORE COLONIES; GOEM IS CHANGING. Lakhs of square meters of land belonging to #Goemkars are being converted into real estate properties and sold to outsider lobbies. Environment is being ravaged, people are being displaced. The Zuari land scam worth 50000Cr, which I’d exposed, and repeatedly brought to the notice of @GovtofGoa is brushed under the carpet. Legislations are passed with undue haste—like that in the case of the zoning plan, kept in abeyance—which will lead to serious and irreversible consequences for local Goans. The very high unemployment rate in #Goa is proof that even land given for industry, and meant to create jobs for #Goans is being misappropriated. And the tragedy is that ministers have abandoned their portfolios and have taken up jobs as brokers for these real estate lobbies—much more profitable than serving the people!”


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