When Physiotherapy aided making of a national award winning film



Panaji: The 67th National Award winning film “Kaajro” has an untold story during the making of this most loved film.

Ponda based physiotherapist Dr Ketan Bhatikar has narrated how Producer of the film Rajesh Pednekar encountered, an unusual issue of physical harm to the actor and cinematrographer during the shooting. The issue was solved with scientific intervention.

In a Facebook post, Bhatikar said “Kaajro the bitter tree” has won the precious 67th National Film Award. It is a very proud moment for me and the entire Kaajro team, who made this happen. My involvement with film has started when Mr Rajesh R Pednekar, the producer of the film walked into my clinic one day with his technical team and explained the challenges of the cinematographer and the male protagonist of the film. The challenge was that the cinematographer had to carry the camera on his shoulders for two hours and the lead actor had to carry his dead wife on his shoulders, whereby there could be serious damages to their back muscles.”

Bhatikar wrote “post understanding the challenges, I provided the remedy. Then I visited the shooting location and started giving both of them a therapy (Kinesio taping and rigid taping with spinal mobilization) at the beginning of the shooting every day.”

“This really resulted in reducing their muscle pain which lead into a comfortable journey for both throughout the shoot period.”

“I am really proud to be a part of the team with my dear friend Sudesh Narvekar. Congratulating all of them and wishing all the best for next project.”


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