“We will see an AAP wave in Goa” Premanand Babu Nanoskar takes first PC after joining AAP



Premanand Babu Nanoskar addressed his first press conference as an Aam Aadmi Party leader. Yesterday, he joined AAP in the presence of National Convenor of the party Shri. Arvind Kejriwal at Delhi. AAP has been growing by leaps and bounds in Goa, as people are very impressed with the first two promises made by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal of electricity and jobs. The party has been mainly working on issues that directly impact Goenkars and are seeing almost 5000 registrations a day for Kejriwals Job Guarantee.
Premand Babu Nanoskar has been active in politics since 2005. He has been doing a lot of social work in his constituency and especially during the Pandemic has been a great source of help and support to the people of his constituency. AAP is the only party that take into account people’s opinion. Arvind Kejriwal’s model of Governance has been attractive to all Goenkars and AAP’s booth level meetings in Dabolim have been attended by 100s of people
Nanoskar said he was attracted to Arvind Kejriwal’s first two promises regarding electricity and jobs. He said that AAP was genuinely working on issues impacting Goenkars. While AAP has fulfilled all it’s promises under the Kejriwal Sarkar the residents of Dabolim have been made to suffer for their basic needs by both the BJP and Congress. Nanoskar state that the lockdown’s impact has affected the youth of Dabolim. Many who work as Taxikars have lost a large amount of livelihood. Others are unable to find adequate paying jobs despite being very well qualified. Apart from this the lack of 24/7 electricity and proper water supply is harming Goenkars standard of living and no party but AAP seems to be interested in solving it.
Mr. Nanoskar said that the youth in Dabolim which is his constituency are dissappointed as there is increase in the no. of youth that are unemployed. “AAP is known to all of Goa as a clean party which has been the main attraction for Goenkars. In Goa, the AAP team is strong and I am very excited to start working with them. Working on Arvind Kejriwal’s model under his guidance is the only way that we can free Goa from the unemployment crisis it is facing right now” added Nanoskar.
Presently the AAP’s ongoing “Rozgar Yatra” has evoked great response in several villages and booth level meetings in Dabolim have been packed by youth and those who have lost jobs.


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