Wave of Apocalypse By Adv Saish Mahambrey


The world revolves  for every Indian around Elections , Cricket and now COVID 19 .

The country is in firm grip of the second wave of Covid 19 .Most of the hospitals are overburdened.The deaths are happening on rampage and the infections of the day are breaking new records every day .This is nothing new what I have written and  it’s just the overview that everyone in the country knows .


A bold early declaration that India has triumphed over the deadly virus has been another  hoax or “jumla “ one may call it . Within a span of few days the people we know are  testing positive and  people we know have died .It’s a grim situation and mentally very disturbing .


The situation being under the control of the Government is an illusion created for those living in a fools paradise .But few are still leading the life of living in a denial. Everything is mismanaged and out of place in  the second wave. People have died and  are dying because of the false assurances due to which people started celebrating the demise of covid and claiming victory in advance.


Then there  were elections to add to script, the campaigns were as if India was on another planet  free form the clutches of the Pandemic  and further ingredient were the festival jatras ,processions and Melas just to propagate religious oneupmanship and much hyped marriages . All this has been a perfect flavor to the rise of virus Covid 19  back in our life’s .


In all this, spare a thought to the doctors and nurses and medical staff  who have given their heart and soul in this battle potentially taking the risk of their life . I seriously feel the people should listen to their “Mann ki Bata” and hope some one gives them that platform to speak their hearts out .They are real life hero’s who have worked on ground zero and definitely not those who sit in plush offices and make the strategies and dictate to the Medical teams without any expertise on the subject .


It won’t be long before Army May have to be called in to aid the Heath workers as the healthcare system has rattled  like a pack of cards .The frantic calls of covid patients and relatives take time out of your life and sends shivers down the spine of possible scenario one May have to face in near future .


It’s not definitely not time for blame game but some have elevated themselves to top by cashing on to the blame game .But lack of preparedness and foresight to see this coming has much to do with situation getting aggravated .


Perhaps IPL was some solace in these tiring times and with that being cancelled ,the social media  is only buzzing about covid deaths and number of infections .Needles to say Goans have their way of life which they hardly change .The number of covid deaths in day are closely monitored by “Matka “ players , which gives them clue as to number which May hit the jackpot .One such hilarious instance was people betted on number which was the number of days one Matka bookie was admitted in hospital .Another tendency is to monitor others while committing wrong themselves . The seriousness of Covid has now very belatedly hit the people.


This are times perhaps worst humanitarian crisis after the darks days Partition which we have only heard and read in the books .As I write this , this can very well can be last blog but same time If we all survive this , it will be a story to write and tell the generation who has not seen this .


Life is a boomerang what we give ,comes back and here the nature who gave us one chance and we did not learn.Now it’s in no mood to give that second chance easily again.Yet the Government choses to play and mince with words of “lockdown” and “Restrictions “.


Beds are being increased but where are the medical staff to treat the patients. Oxygen scarcity is well known .How are we going to come out this ??? No road map no plan just hoping things will settle on their own .

When India and Goa is on a ventilator, if politics dictates how you stand and where you stand then it is absolutely right in staying that God runs this country.


We are on own in this battle , neither the PM cares nor the CM cares  . We have to fight this on our own . Rather than fighting situation resources are put to curb Twitter handles and to give deadlines to new Vistas .No matter what religion you are , no matter what political allegiance you have , no matter what is your status ,it’s upon each one of us to see to save humanity from perhaps the biggest Wave of Apocalypse .


Be safe and take care .




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