Water Project at Vottem Band, Netravali is yet to see the light of the day



Sanguem: The Water Project at Vottem Band has been pending for past two years. Despite Government spending lakh of Rupees for the said project, it is yet to see the light of the day.

There is a chronic scarcity of water – specially in summer – for the people of Netravali.

Unfortunately, the power department does not supply electricity. Owing to which thousand litres of water gets wasted.

Rakhi Naik, Panch V.P Netravali, General secretary Goa TMC raised the said issue while demanding the department should act promptly by making water available for locals of Netravali from this project.

To the owner who donated his land for building a pump house for the said project, the Department has promised to give one of the family members employment as a pump operator. She demand unequivocally that the department must keep this promise and give the job to one of the family members.

Furthermore, she demanded that Minister Subhash Phaldesai should intervene and get this issue resolved.


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