Vijai Sardesai points out to the mistake that would have cost jobs for Goans, dept issues corrigendum


Panaji: The error in typing that made only knowledge of Marathi compulsory for the posts of Computer Engineer in Legislature Secretariat could have cost jobs for Goans. But Goa Forward Party President Vijai Sardesai’s tweet, apparently, prompted the department to issue corrigendum.

The advertisement published on local newspaper advertising for the vacancy for Computer Engineer had Knowledge of Marathi as compulsory. The apparent typing error forgot to add Konkani in the column.

Sardesai had tweeted posting the advertisement. He tweeted “I hope this is just a typing mistake and not a deliberate attempt by  @GovtofGoa

 to dilute job opportunities for goans”

The department issued corrigendum immediately. Goa Forward Party tweeted “SARDESAI IMPACT. This is not the first time that this

@GovtofGoa has made ‘typing mistakes’ that disfavour local #Goemkars. If it wasn’t for our @PresidentGFP @VijaiSardesai’s vigilant proof checking, #Goans would’ve lost out on many opportunities because of their mother tongue.”


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