Vijai Sardesai demands sacking of minister Govind Gaude


Panaji: Goa Forward Party President Vijai Sardesai has demanded removal of Govind Gaude, minister for Art and Culture, over collapse of slab of Kala Academy building.
Sardesai tweeted “GOA LOOKING AT @goacm TO TAKE THE RIGHT DECISION. As buildings across #Goa come crashing down, including our heritage structures, God only knows what more is in store for us. Corruption is @GovtofGoa
’s only competence, and it’s done so brazenly, that those who’re elected to protect the people are playing with their lives! What will the minister have to say if this happened during a performance? We expect @govtofgoa to be on the side of the people, and remove the minister, order an investigation, before the Assembly begins.”


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