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UNESCO report exposes Goa’s poor elementary education system : NSUI


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UNESCO’s latest release on the ‘State of the Education Report for India 2021’ is a tight slap on the face of the Goa government that boasts of being in the list of first five most education states in the country.


The basic education system is itself in a dire state of affairs, courtesy, findings of UNESCO report confirming that Goa ranks second to have single teacher schools. It means that 16 per cent of the total schools in Goa – 239 out of 1486 schools – comprises one teacher only. Of the 239 schools, 93 per cent are in rural areas.


The National Students Union of India (NSUI) Goa says the report is a shame on the Goa government that has completely failed to revive the crucial sector. “Education is the key to sustainable development and teachers are the backbone of our educational system. It is disheartening to see that out of the 1,486 schools in the state, 239 schools, that is, 16.08 per cent schools are single-teacher schools,” NSUI State President Naushad Chowdhari opined.


The NSUI slams the government led by Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant, who also holds the Education portfolio, for often being anti students. He never worked in the interest and betterment of students, Naushad alleged.


“Once Gandhi ji said “I have always felt that the true text-book for the pupil is their teachers.” The reality in Goa does not look to be closer to this thought. It is shameful that Goa stands 2nd position in the country in a particular category,” he said.


The NSUI questions the government about what is stopping them from filling the vacancies of the teachers. Reliable records point out that Goa has almost 200 students of Diploma in Elements Education and another 300 B.Ed students passing out each year.


“How can students learn if there is only 1 teacher? The question also arises as to how can 1 teacher teach multiple subjects?” Naushad sought to know.


The NSUI also demands to know as to why the government is wasting crores of public money on building a new Raj Bhavan when that amount can be spent to revamp the entire education system. “Governor who gave the nod to build the new governor palace should also think about the primary students who are facing this problem and the future of these students is at stake and should tell this insensitive government to revive the education system instead of spending crores of money in building a new Raj Bhavan,” he commented.


NSUI demands that government should stop unnecessary expenditure in the name of 60th Liberation Day of Goa and utilize the Rs 300cr funds on productive sectors like education. Naushad suggests that renovating a few monuments, parks, museum will not help the State grow if the teachers and students are not given due care.

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