TMC leaders condemn tag of being termed as anti-Hindu, claims majority of its WB MLAs are Hindus  


Panaji: Trinamool Congress party leaders in Goa on Wednesday took a dig  at BJP over tagging of Mamata Banerjee led outfit as ‘anti-Hindu.’

Addressing a press conference, TMC leader Kiran Kandolkar questioned the wisdom of calling West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as ‘anti-Hindu’ when majority of Hindus have voted her during recently held polls.

He also pointed out that majority of MLAs who have got elected on TMC ticket in West Bengal were Hindus.

“Total 213 MLAs are with TMC in West Bengal of which 160 are Hindus,” he pointed out.

TMC leaders were responding to the campaign run by BJP terming Banerjee led party as being against Hindus. Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Tuesday had adviced Goans against visiting Kolkata.

Referring to the West Bengal polls, Kandolkar said that BJP was not able to fool people in the West Bengal due to which majority of Hindu population voted for TMC. “Hindu population in West Bengal is strongly behind the TMC,” he said.

Kandolkar rubbished the allegations leveled against Banerjee of supporting Rohigyas claiming that the border is a central subject and if there is no control over infiltration from the border, the blame should be shouldered by Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

“I appeal BJP to study the past and understand who got Rohingyas in India,” he commented questioning why BJP is not taking action against them in Assam, where their party is in ruling.

Another TMC leader Yatish Naik said that TMC is emerging as a credible alternative in the state with Congress party losing its position as the opposition.

“We have to see whether Digambar Kamat can continue as a leader of opposition as Congress is left with only three of its MLAs, which is less than 10 per cent of Assembly’s strength,” he said.

Naik said that Kamat has stopped speaking against the BJP despite the party failing miserably in the state and also in the centre.

The leader said that TMC has been unnecessarily tagged as outsider party by few , who have forgotten that the birth of political outfits like Congress, NCP and BJP was not in Goa.

“TMC is a national party whose chief was born in West Bengal. It is an all India party,” he said.



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