Those who created covid treatment infra, don’t have faith in it: Rohan Khaunte  


Porvorim: Urging Chief Minister to review the facilities created to treat COVID-19 positive patients, Independent MLA Rohan Khaunte has said that those who created the infrastructure, themselves have no faith in it.

Khaunte pointed out to the increasing number of MLAs, Union minister Shripad Naik and even Director of Health Services Jose D’Sa opting for a private hospital for their COVID treatment, when government claims that they have created facility to treat the infected patients.

The Porvorim MLA has said that the series of admission in private hospital reflects that the facilities created by government are not up to the mark.

He also questioned by doctors from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) are not posted at government facilities, if state government has more faith in that institute compared to its own doctors.

“It is unfortunate that Director of Health Services have to opt for private hospital. We need to give best facility in the government set up for the common people, but that does not seem to be happening,” he said.

“ Today covid is not in anyone’s control. There is no morality in this government to think for a common man. They are acting selfish,” he said.

Khaunte clarified that he is not against getting treatment in private hospital, but said that it should not happen by paying from government coffers.

“Tomorrow, I may get it. Even if I get admitted in private hospital, I will make sure that that is paid through my company account and not from government  coffers,” he commented raising the issue of inquality of treatment to the patients.

He alleged that those in the power are filling their own coffers taking advantage of the pandemic situation.

Remembering former CM Manohar Parrikar, he said “ if we had a strong leader in the state, we would have been much more better. We miss Manohar Parrikar, he would have been talking to people and putting things in place.”

“Pramod Sawant as a Cm has huge problem of intellectual bankruptcy,” he added.


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