Those tourists litter beaches don’t love Goa, we need policy to tackle this problem: Rohan Khaunte


Panaji: With the media carrying pictures of Tourists littering some of the beaches and some of them sleeping on the shoreline till afternoon of January 01, Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte said that the government needs to look at strong change in the policies.

Khaunte condemned the tourists who have left beaches littered after all night long parties. “Looking at the way they have created mess on the beach, it is very much clear that they don’t love Goa,” he said.

These are the kind of people who come here to destroy Goa. “We need to look at a strong change,” he said.

The tourism minister clarified that there are many tourists who come to Goa to enjoy their parties without creating any mess. “If such tourists(who litter on the beaches) were not there, good tourists would have come in a large number on the beaches like Calangute,” he said.


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