Panaji: As Goa News Hub celebrates its sixth anniversary, we want to thank everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey filled with challenges and excitement.

If we quickly recap GNH’s journey, it began as a media experiment by four individuals, including Rupesh Samant, Vinaya Mantri, Ketan Golatkar, and Sameer Narvekar.

It started as a website and media platform that posts news videos on Facebook. The enthusiasm of this group, which included young journalists and a powerhouse of enthusiasm like Ketan Golatkar, well-traveled professional Vinaya Mantri, senior journalist Rupesh Samant, and a guy with contacts across Goa, Sameer Narvekar.

The journey continued as we were joined by Mumbai-based Sumedh Chavan, who ensured that the website was alive round the clock, along with Hanumant Nagloor, a go-getter, and others. Marketing was then headed by Roshni D’Silva. Sumedh and Vinaya can be credited for our tagline “The Website that Never Sleeps” due to their consistent efforts in posting news round-the-clock.

Ketan has now taken over the media house of his family, “Goa Plus Channel,” and is doing extremely well in the field, while Vinaya has specialized in writing.

The real turning point for us was the onboarding of the genius brain called Prasad Deshpande, who joined us as Creative Director, followed by team members like the ever-ready-to-learn-and-explore Neeraj Bandekar and the silent killer Dipesh Naik.

Our content was given a creative look by this team, which worked on every frame to make us look international. The team continues to amaze our viewers to this date.

The news gathering in Panaji would have been a boring thing if not for Kaushal Palekar, a young, extremely talented, ever-smiling, ever-silent guy who, along with Hanumant, has changed the way we cover news.

Kaushal also has his own Instagram page “Glimpses of Goa”; do visit it too.

A special mention goes to Prime TV and its Editor Sandeep Kerkar and RDX channel Boss Rajan Kerkar, who hand-held us for most of the time like a younger sibling.

Why are we narrating this journey? There is a reason to it. In the rush of breaking news and shooting new content, we forget to thank all these people who have stood with the brand to make it the number one Web Portal in Goa.

Thank you all, guys!!!


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