Goa’s mining industry will start full-fledged in next two years: Shah 


Panaji: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday assured that the mining industry in Goa will start full-fledged in next two years.

Addressing a public meeting at Mapusa in North Goa, Shah also accused Congress Chief Mallikarjun Kharge of ignoring the small states as they are voting in favour of the BJP.

Shah also taunted Kharge that after June 4, he will have to start Congress Dhundo Yatra as the party is going to be “invisible” after these polls.

Referring to the Iron Ore mining industry which is currently shut down, Shah said that the mining stopped in the state due to the Supreme Court judgment.

“CM Pramod Sawant is a shy person. He wont tell you. But he has come at least ten times to my office in Delhi seeking help to resume the mining industry,” said the BJP leader.

Shah said that he along with Sawant went to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and (as the situation stands now), the eight blocks of the mining are auctioned, and the activity has already started in one.

“It is Modi Ki Guarantee that in next years, Goa’s mining industry will start full-fledged like in the past,” he said.

Speaking about Congress party, Shah said that the party (Congress) had started Bharat Jodo Yatra.

“They did not come to Goa because Kharge ji (Mallikarjun Kharge) does not give importance to the small states. He says that BJP is forming government in these small states,” he said.

Shah said that “however small the state may be, it is the heart of the country and Goa is like a bindi on the forehead of Bharat Mata.”

“They did not come here (Goa during Bharat Jodo Yatra) but I am telling you Kharge Sahab, you started Bharat Jodo Yatra but after June 4 , you will have to start Congress Dhundo Yatra because Congress is going to be invisible,” he commented.

Speaking further, Shah said that Kharge feels that the responsibility would be borne by Rahul Baba. “But I am telling now itself that no one is going to do anything to this brother and sister, you will be made sacrificed,” he added.

Shah said that the parivarvad parties cannot work for the welfare of the country. “By making Narendra Modi the prime minister for third time, Indian economy will be third globally,” he added.


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