TESLA Cybertruck from diesel engines to fully electric what has changed


The much awaited Tesla Cybertruck is finally here, many concept designs featured before its release wherein the cybertruck more or less looked like Ford F 150. The one that is officially released by Tesla looks quite different which brings us to the question : This was a truck which was long awaited but is it the one which we had anticipated in terms of design?

Lets be honest the new Tesla Cybertruck looks a bit arrrrr weird . to some it may seem a crazy cool for others it may seem like a starship pooper . yes you heard that right! The internet went frenzy after it watched the new cybertuck unveil at California. Here’s some of our favourite hilarious names given by internet millennials to the Cyber truck :-

  • Model Why?!
  • Thing
  • Pentagon
  • My Third Grade Drawing
  • The Elon Tusk
    can you come up with an alternative name for the Cybertruck ? let us know in the comments !

now that you slowly get adjusted to this idea you will realize that the truck being fully electric isn’t that bad at all as a matter of fact on Sunday Elon Musk tweeted that the reservations for the truck hit 20,0000! When we think of a truck we think of Ford f 150 and a bunch of other trucks which are styled like Ford f150. The Cybertruck which starts at $39,000 boldly tries to break this conventional thinking with their new design which is likely to disrupt how new automobile manufacturers make trucks.

We cannot obviously overlook the fact about the shattered windows that is completely open to criticism but hey the vehicle is made of cold rolled steel, is completely electric and has adaptive suspension which makes it stand out among the rest.

What do you think about the Cybertruck? Let us know in the comments.


Writeup by,
Prasenjeet Prabhakar D


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