TCP issues guidelines under 16/B of TCP act, protects ecologically fragile areas



Panaji: Town and Country Planning department has issued guidelines for consideration of application under section 16/B of the act which has ensured protection to ecologically fragile areas besides prioratising religious institutions and educational institutes.

The guidelines has said that applications in respect of lands who’s zoning have been reverted to agricultural and non-developable zones in Regional Plan 2021 from Settlement zone in Regional Plan 2001 to be considered on priority as per the merit of each case.

“Applications of individuals who purchased plots in unauthorized layouts in non-conforming zones, to be considered as per merit of each case,” it reads.

In a significant decision, the guidelines has said that areas such as low lying paddy fields, water bodies, khazan lands, flood prone areas, land having slopes more than 25 per cent, forest land including private forest land, land falling in the buffer zone of Wild Life Sanctuaries, tenanted agricultural lands shall not be considered for change of zone.

“Past commitment/approvals/Sanad granted in respect of properties in the past shall be considered in case they do not fall in the land mentioned at (3) above,” it reads.

The guidelines have specified that for application falling within CRZ areas, comments of the GCZMA shall be obtained. 

“For applications falling under command area of Irrigation project, the Department shall physically verify the status of land and shall obtain comments of CADA as the case may be.”

“Comments from Forest Department and Agriculture Department shall be obtained by the Department and the concerned Departments shall be required to submit their comments in a time bound manner,” it adds.

“Applications by religious, health and educational institutions and applications for employment generating activity and tourism related projects could be considered on the merits of the case,” it adds.

“Projects which are recommended by Goa Investment Promotion Board shall be given due consideration.”

“The area to be considered under Section 16B shall have adequate  access and shall as far as possible be in the vicinity of existing Settlement/developed area and projects in isolation from the existing  developed area shall be as far as possible discouraged except for public utility and tourism related projects.”

“An affidavit to be obtained from the prospective land owners that development of projects other than plotted development would follow green building principles and shall obtain green building certification (Not less than Gold rating) from recognized agencies.”

“Whenever more number of applications are received from a particular village, its likely impact by way of percentage increase in the Settlement area shall be studied and it shall be ensured that the overall structure of the plan and settlement pattern/settlement envelope are not disturbed. 

“The applicant shall ensure that in the portion wherein change of zone from non-developable to developable zone is affected, the development undertaken shall reflect Goan Architecture by incorporating elements of Goan architectural character therein, preferably as seen in heritage areas,” it adds.


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