Tamnar obsession is cause of BJP government’s neglect on electricity dept: Viriato Fernandes


Margao: Congress South Goa MP candidate Viriato Fernandes on Friday said that the BJP government which is obsessed with the destructive Tamnar project has completely ignored the safety measures of the staff on duty and the public.
In a media statement released here, Fernandes paid condolences to the family of Mahesh Zambaulikar who lost his life due to electrocution today.
“I demand resignation of Power Minister Sudin Dhavlikar immediately,” he said.
Fernandes said that Sudin Dhavalikar has no right to continue as Power Minister of Goa. He has failed to provide Safety and Security to his own Department Staff. I condemn his act of negligence, said Capt. Viriato Fernandes.
The Congress leader said that the government has spent almost Rs 12,000 crore on Maintainence and Improvisation of Power Distribution System in Goa in last five years. But the amount has gone in coffers of Power Minister and BJP Functionaries. Hence Goans are continuously facing power disruptions, claimed Capt. Viriato Fernandes.
Power Department has become a big Scam. There are pending recoveries of 1400 Crores from Industrial, Commercial and Government Defaulters, but Government is targetting Poor Domestic Consumers, said Capt. Viriato Fernandes.
South Goa will reject pro-rich and anti-poor BJP Government on 7th May when they go and vote to Save Democracy and Save Goa, said Capt. Viriato Fernandes.


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