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SWEAT … SUMMER! By Dr Vijay Malik

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With the start of summer and scrounging heat, we all face problem of sweating.

Ayurveda says it is one of the three excretory wastes of our body named ‘SWEAD’; that is sweat in modern terms.

Sweating is a natural process of the body which helps to maintain the body temperature. It is termed as thermoregulation. Body’s thermoregulation  throws out excess heat through water from glands called sweat glands. Sometimes this sweat can cause many diseases if it’s in excess or f we don’t maintain body hygiene.

Now let us see some common skin problems we get in summer season and their home remedies.

1) Acne/ pimples : according to Ayurveda its ‘Pitta Dosh’ dominant time and we become more prone to acne, as per modern science during summer season to keep our body temperature low body perspires, this triggers Sebaceous glands to produce more oil to keep skin moist, this oil blocks pores and result in Acne, also Black heads, white heads  are found on skin due to similar causes.


Home remedies and care:


Wash face with mild soap

Gently wash NO SCRUBBING

Use moisturizer for dry skin

Oil free cosmetic products

Avoid pricking, squeezing

Try to avoid face coming in constant contact of hands, hair, cell phone, etc.


Prepare a mix of curd and turmeric powder and apply this pack on face, allow it to dry, then rinse gently.


2) Prickly heat : due to clogged sweat ducts the sweat gets trapped in the skin folds and under the skin leading to formation of small , itchy bumps or blisters


It is self limiting and need not require treatment but sometimes the severity is such that it requires medical attention.

Channdan(sandal wood) powder should be used on affected area

Application of Onion juice but before using you need to just warm it on mild flame.

Taking bath with Neem saop helps

Use  any prickly heat powder which is available in the market

If problem persists than you need to see Dermatologist.


3) Fungal infection:

We  can get infected in two ways , either by coming in contact with an infected person or due to  poor self hygiene. It develops especially in axilla , inguinal region, bellow breast in females and in severe cases it spreads over full body.

Home remedies:

Maintain personal hygiene, regular use of soap, handwash,  sanitizers, etc.

Wear clean and sterile cloths (better to dry washed clothes in sunlight)

Taking bath a soon as possible when you sweat

Neem soap of any standard company can be used for bathing

Use of talcum powder on areas more prone to fungal infection.

If possible use neem leaves decoction during bath which helps cure and prevent


4) Body odor:

This is the most common disease we see now a days today which is been clearly and wisely hacked by deodorant manufacturing companies , fact is body smells because of bacterial growth due to poor hygiene. Over use of deodorants can cause skin allergies, pigmentation etc

Home remedies:

Maintaining hygiene

Keeping area clean and dry with good quality herbal talcum powders

Avoiding intake of chicken, meat etc

Ayurveda gives you good relief from this with some classical medicine which need to be taken at least 2 -3 months only after consultation with your doctor.


5) Sun burns :

This occurs in areas that are exposed to sun quiet often, which includes face, neck, hands. This has typical symptoms like reddish skin with burning sensation and swelling.

Home remedies;

Covering body with bright color full sleeves clothes

Use of sunscreen

Coconut oil can be used as ayurvedic remedy and substitute for sun screen

Fresh Alovera gel


6) Sun tan:

Is result from sun burn but it is totally asymptomatic with just pigmentation without burning and swelling


Similar to that of sun burns

You can use curd mixed with honey and apply during night time. This  needs to be continued for at least 3 months. Ayurveda treatment can bring back original skin colour, will remove skin tanning completely. Treatment should be taken on  advice of your doctor


7) Athletes foot

It is caused by fungus. If you are wearing closed toes shoes, or have a small injury on your nails , if you don’t wash your skin area in between your fingers, if after working in garden you don’t clean your feet properly then fungus develops and infects your feet. It is defined by itching, flaking, peeling of skin between the toes and in severe cases oozes.



Again maintaining hygiene is of utmost importance

Never forget to clean your feet before going to bed

Soak your feet in warm water congaing turmeric for 5 – 10 minutes.

Keep it dry

Neem soap to wash and use ayurvedic medicines to get back to normal skin.


Tips for healthy life in summer season

Use umbrella, goggles, scarf, hats, caps, long sleeves clothing while gin gut

Do keep on hydrating your body.

Do not skip food

Do not do fasting

Avoid excess spicy food.

Have light, sweet food frequently

Include ghee, raisins, cucumber, and watermelon in diet.

For bathing add one tablespoon of chandan powder to bucket of water.

Take one tablespoon of dry coriander and add it to one glass of water, leave it overnight, next day mornings drink it on empty stomach

Drink tender coconut water, sugarcane juice etc.


(Dr Vijay Malik is an Ayurveda Practitioner. He owns Gargi’s Ayurved Skin Care and Slimming Studio, Near Canara Bank, Bicholim. Contact: 9823709244/9420139892)

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