Swacch Survekshan ranking shows Sidharth Kunkalienker is fooling the people of Panaji: AAP


The Swachh Survekshan results have ranked Panaji a dismal 337 out of 425 cities. It has been revealed that this year, no local officials were involved in data collection, and only central surveyors carried out the activity. Curiously, the same city of Panaji received an award for “Innovation and Best Practices” by the same Swachh Survekshan in 2018.

Reacting to the survey while Addressing media , AAP leader Valmiki Naik said that both these facts point to the disturbing conclusion that Sidharth Kunkalienkar, who plays an influential role in both Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd as well as the CCP, has been fooling the people of Panaji by possibly furnishing misleading data and information to the central agencies. “There is no other explanation for the higher ranking and awards when data was furnished by IPSCDL & CCP, and dismally low rankings and no awards when data was collected directly by central agencies without the knowledge or involvement of IPSCDL and CCP”, pointed out Valmiki Naik

This low ranking is further confirmation of the pathetic “Ease of Living Index” ranking of 90 out of 111 cities received by Panaji in August last year. Both these rankings only prove what Ponnjekars have been crying hoarse about for the past many years – that BJP’s misrule is turning the beautiful city of Panaji into one of the worst places to live in Goa and India, said Valmiki Naik.

What is shocking is that IPSCDL continues to pursue “Imaginary Panaji” projects such as CCTV camera system worth 180 crores. What will these cameras capture, other than the traffic chaos, a major parking mess, heaps of garbage, broken footpaths, a stinking St. Inez creek, and all the other REAL problems of Panaji that this 180 crores should be spent on?, he questioned.

Valmiki Naik said it is time for the Panaji MLA to resign, and also restrain his protégés like Kunkolienkar from destroying the city further. Panaji and Ponjekars deserve better, he added.

The rankings of other urban local bodies in Goa have also plummeted drastically, pointing to the failure of BJP at a state level as well.

Aam Aadmi party leader Sidharth Karapurkar said that crores of rupees spent on swachh bharat had gone into ‘private drains’ as the ‘sick’ government had allowed loot of resources by its cronies. He said that the government was unfit to occupy chair for a single day more. Reminding the people that Parrikar was non starter since usurping power from Congress, Karapurkar said that the over 25 years MLA of Panjim had miserably failed in doing anything for Panjim except pouring concrete in bridges. “AAP seeks answers on what happened to IAS CCP Commissioner who according to Parrikar was to solve all of Panji’s issues? What has the Swachh Bharat mission,? what happened to the crores of funds under ‘smart city ‘ and ‘Atal’ missions? Time for you to stop further fooling of the people “ said Sidharth Karapurkar.


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