Stamping practice at border unhygienic: AAP



Aam Aadmi party once again highlighted the unhygienic practice of repeated use of the same stamp on persons entering the state and said that it needs to be stopped forthwith .

In a letter to the Chief Minister, AAP said that after news of positive cases of persons who had crossed the border was out, the persons who had followed them and had got stamped with the same stamp, will have to be kept under watch for possible transmission of the virus.

AAP leader for environment, Sidharth Karapurkar said that indiscriminate movement of persons who have been entering Goa to holiday in the the state during the lockdown period should be stopped and such persons should be sent back.

Meanwhile Aadmi Aadmi Party sought to know the outcome of the health survey conducted on people using the services of teachers. Convenor of the Party Elvis Gomes said that by government’s own admission, some 5000 odd cases with respiratory ailments had been found in the survey. He demanded to know whether the government had given attention to check the progress of recovery of such persons or had in anyway helped such persons.


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