Some leaders from my own party had filed case against me: Ramesh Tawadkar


Panaji: Former State Minister and BJP leader Ramesh Tawadkar said that he was falsely implicated in the Puno Velip assault case by some of the local leaders and few from his own party.

Tawadkar told reporters in Margao that he would be fighting back the case till it is taken to the logical end. He said that the people from his own party, during 2017, were involved in filing this case.

“There was a time when some BJP leaders wanted to give ticket to Vijai Pai Khot, that is why, this case was filed,” he said.

The former minister has been convicted in connection with the assault on Puno Velip by a local court.

Tawadkar said that he has not even touched Velip, as it has been accused against him. “Forget about this case, I have never slapped anyone in the past,” he said.

The BJP leader said that he was surprised that his case was finalised while several other cases including assault on Vasudev Meng Gaonkar’s son Sudesh and murder of two tribal leaders at Balli are still lingering in the court.

Tawadkar said that he respects the verdict of the Court. He said that he will contest the case till it is taken to the logical end.


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