Senior officer of Handicraft, Textile and Coir accused of sexual harassment


Panaji: A senior officer of Handicraft, Textile and Coir department has been accused of harassment by a lady staff, who claimed that he was calling her to his house “for other works.”

The lady staffer has written a formal letter to authorities informing about the harassment meted out to her because she did not paid heed to the advances of the officer.

She has said that she was being issued memos by him to harass for rejecting his advances.

The letter, copy of which is with our website, has said “Probably only when I refused to come to your residence for doing your other work (not related to the department of Handicraft, Textile and Coir), you must have arrived to the conclusion contained in first line and second para of memorandum.”

“ Other allegations indicate that your pre plan to fabricate baseless and false issues to harass me only because I refused to do your other work at your residence which work was not related to the department,” she adds.

“I suspect some foul and ugly intensions in calling me to your resisdence in the name of work. Since your plan failed now you are threatening me of disciplinary action, since I did not succumb to your assurance and baits,” she added.


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