Seamen association calls for peaceful protest demanding restart of pension 

Panaji: Informing that the Seafarers welfare pension scheme for retired seafarers and their widows has been stopped since October 2019 for almost a year now, Goan Seamen Association of India (GSAI) has called for a silent and peaceful protest on Friday, October 2.
“The retired seafarers and their widows begged the MLA’s of their constituency to restart the scheme which has gone on deaf ears but none of the authorities have shown mercy to our elderly seafarers and their widows, who had to run from pillar to post seeking a ray of hope. GSAI have decided to hold a Peaceful protest meet October 2, 2020 i.e. Gandhi Jayanti, from 10:30am to 1pm at Menezes-Lohia chowk, Assolna Bazaar, in Velim constituency which is a home turf for a lot of our seafarers,” the GSAI stated.
“GSAI had brought this predicament to the notice of the Goa government to restart this scheme as soon as possible which has been ignored till date,” the GSAI informed.
Advising people to wear mask and follow social distancing norms during the protest, GSAI stated, “Due to Covid-19 restrictions seafarers from Assolna, Ambelim and Velim will take part in this silent and peaceful protest.”
“GSAI stands firm on their decision to restart the scheme without any further delay.
Our protest will continue to the rest of the villages till our demand is considered.
Requesting all seafarers from Assolna, Ambelim and Velim whether working, non-working, retired and widows to show your solidarity and support,” it added.


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