Don’t make people run for Death Certificates , as it’s hardest time – Dr. Ketan Bhaikar  

Panaji: Pointing out at the sorry state of affairs in Ponda MGP Leader Dr Ketan Bhatikar alleged that the government is neglecting the  health facilities to the general public of Ponda ,added to this problem is the issue of obtaining death certificate.
According to government’s new rule a Death Certificate can be issue only by a physician, this has caused a lot of inconvenience to the people whose relatives have expired at home.
“Should these people grieve or knock the doors of physician doctors to find get a Death Certificate?” questioned Dr. Bhatikar.
“Don’t make people run for Death  Certificates , as it’s hardest time. This is taking a toll on them emotionally, as after losing their loved ones the government is making them  run around to look for a certificate by a Doctor during this difficult time of pandemic,” he added.
Ponda’s Sub-district Hospital is converted into Covid Hospital. The authorities had promised that they would provide the best of facilities during this pandemic however the reality is far from the truth as the patients do not get access to ambulance on time. Moreover, the medical waste which is getting piled up near the hospital poses a great health hazard for the public.
Dr. Bhatikar has also asked clarification from the government on why the general public is being charged two thousand rupees for the Covid-19 Test.
He also brought to the notice the dipalpilated condition of roads, irregular supply of electricity. Even before the monsoon could end the people of ponda have experienced the problems of water irregular water supply. In the coming Zilla Panchayat elections the Chief Minister had assured five thousand jobs however this was just a false promise to lure voters Dr. Bhatikar said.


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