School suspends online classes after students morph teachers’ pics, upload them on social media



Panaji: Panaji-based prominent educational institution on Thursday suspended its online classes and lodged a formal police complaint against the students after it was revealed that the images clicked during online session were recorded and morphed into unacceptable and demeaning images and uploaded on social media.

The management of the school, in a circular issued, has said that online classes will be given to only those students who apply in writing for the same.

With the current COVID-19 situation, the educational institutions are yet to start their academic year while many teachers are conducting classes online.

“You are aware that due to the covid 19 panedmic, for safety of students we have not allowed them within the portals of the school,” the circular reads.

“As education cannot take a backseat, even during this crisis, the management arranged online teaching sessions for all classes at their own cost,” it reads.

The management has said that this teaching method is new for all teachers and the preparations of the lessons is quite tedious and strenuous for them.

“But they took up the challenge because uppermost in their minds was the future of their students. The efforts of the management and the teachers should have been appreciated by all the students and parents,” the circular reads.

“However, a few students have shown disrespect by using the social media platform like Instagram in a demeaning manner. Teachers’ faces hae been clicked during the Zoom classes as well as from the recorded sessions and morphed into unacceptable and demeaning images and uploaded on instagram.”

The management said that also during the live clases, the students have been mutilating the power point presentations and passing disrespectful comments,” the circular reads.

Teachers are very demoralized and disheartened at this behaviour of the students, the management has said.

“In light of all this, we have decided to suspend the live and recorded sessions for all classes scheduled from June 25, 2020. We have also lodged a complaint with the Cyber Crime Branch, Goa as this behaviour is unacceptable and liable for criminal prosecution,” it adds.

“The work assigned for today’s classes will be done by the students. Recorded sessions of the Zoom Classes will be given to only those students who apply in writing for the same,” the circular added.



  1. According to suggestion this online and offline classes during this situation is of no use this offline classes due you think all parents can teach the children during this situation all parents have lot of work at home and since financial all down to look after their family they have to work for that parent will work for income or teach the teacher unless they make money how they can look after their family one year if the education is stop and the government should promote the children so that parents have peace of mind to work and make money please boycott the online classes for this year and promote the children


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