School Opening = Cruel Blunder


The CM is promoting his biggest and cruelest blunder till date by saying parents are willing to send children to school. Who are these parents who have secretly conveyed their approval to the CMs ghastly proposition that puts our children’s life in danger? Unless they’re mindless & ruthless like our Dr CM and his coterie with ulterior motives, no loving parent would dare take the risk of sending children to sure Covid infection and imminent death!

When Dr Pramod Sawant and his Ministers dare not take the risk of a full-fledged Assembly session, What right do they have to put our children at risk? Or is it that the life of CM & Ministers are precious while our children’s lives are disposable & worthless.

Anyone in his sanity would understand how difficult it is to control youngsters leave alone make them follow Social Distancing and other Covid protocols.

Is the CM who’s also holding the Education portfolio ready to take a direct Online Survey from parents on this topic? I think not, because the angst filled sharp responses of parents will blast him out of his High Chair of Absolute Mismanagement!

If the CM is so concerned about the education of our children then instead of bringing children to schools, he and his Government should revamp the Online Schooling methodology by plugging the loopholes, provide better connectivity and also mobiles and tabs to those who can’t afford the same.

Before taking a decision, the risk factor involved is to be assessed above everything else. The CMOs stand that 90% Headmasters are ready to open schools is being contradicted by Headmasters Group which says that 90% are against starting schools now. It’s the height of insensitivity by CM & Govt that they’re playing this cat and mouse game with our children’s lives. This is a glaringly cruel example of Administrative Mismanagement but one that just cannot be tolerated as it involves the precious lives of our children.

When the Government has already failed miserably in Covid management, Why is it trying to add more Covid cases purposefully, that too of our precious children?

Haven’t the CM had enough deaths on his hands due to his blunderous Covid Mismanagement?

Human Welfare should be the motto of Good Governance not Human Sacrifice to satisfy Autocratic egos by implementing blunderous proposals. I call upon every loving Goan parent to vehemently register their protest against this absolutely disastrous move to bring children to schools in this precarious Covid scenario.


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