SC order on ban on construction activity not to affect Goa


Panaji: State government has ruled out any impact due to the  recent Supreme Court verdict which had banned construction activity the States which are without Solid Waste Management Policy.

“Goa government has filed our affidavit before the Supreme Court and complied with the Supreme Court order. The Solid Waste Management Policy applicable in the State of Goa is in accordance with Solid waste management Rules, 2016,” Lavinson Martins, Director, Department of Science and Technology, Goa government has said in a statement issued here.

The Supreme Court last week had castigated some states and UTs for “pathetic” attitude in not framing proper policy on solid waste management and stayed further constructions there till they brought it out.

Martins said that Goa has been pioneer in Waste management and in fact enacted a State Act being the Goa non-biodegradable Garbage Control Act, 1996 amended from time to time.

“Further to that the State-of-the-art waste management facility has been set up at Saligao (North Goa) which is operating since May 30, 2016. Further, similar plant is being set up Cacora in South Goa besides at Bainguinim (near Old Goa),” he said.

Martins has said that the government has set up special purpose vehicle for management of various type of wastes in the state of Goa which will also set up facilities for treatment of bio-medical waste, e-waste, common hazardous waste and construction and debris waste.

He said that the State government has also notified State level Advisory body on March 22, 2017.

Martins said that the State government’s affidavit filed before the SC has detailed about the Action Plan for Integrated Solid Waste Management in the State of Goa. The action plan includes systems and policies for solid waste management in Goa, Seggregation of Waste, Role of the Rag pickers, Recycling and reuse of waste, treatment and disposal of solid waste, composting of Bio-degradable waste, Treatment of non biodegradable waste and others.


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