Sattari residents demand ownership of Alvara, Kumeri land Devendra Gaonkar


Sattari: On Sunday, Sattari Taluka senior citizens, farmers and other well known people held a special meeting on land ownership rights and held the hard heating discussion on Alvara, Kumeri and forest rights land issue.

The around two hundreds villagers were presence for meeting. The meeting was held at Sateri Temple in Velus Village.

Sattari Taluka farmers demand the full rights of land ownership of Alvara, Kumeri and forest land. Also farmers extend their full support to Melauli villagers in their protest.

We dont want class two ownership rights of Alvara land, we want class one ownership rights. It’s our ancestor land and we have the full rights on our land not the Government. So we demand to the Government to give class one ownership rights not two, said Advocate Ganpat Gaonkar.

The first land survey which was held in 1972 was the big blunder land survey. At that time the Land Record Department had not informed the villagers and without informing the any villagers. The first land survey had done. So that survey is correct one, said Dashrath Mandrekar.

The class one ownership right is the full ownership right and the Class two is the conditional ownership right, in class two the Government is the real owner not people. If the people dont have full ownership rights then what is the use of giving the ownership rights to us, all rights will have the Goa Government said Rajesh Gaonkar.


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