Picture Abhi Baki Hain Doston


As promised, I have delivered the Expose’ of a very serious malice involving the dangerous cocktail of Drugs, Money Laundering’, UnderWorld and the BJPs favourite Bollywood connection, so that’s what makes me say “Picture abhi baki hain doston” (pun intended)…

I know that phone lines are running hot from here to Delhi and back to find a way to choke my voice before it reaches the relevant agencies in Delhi. I am expecting more personal attacks and backlashes from CM Pramod Sawant and his coterie that’s been exposed but I am confident about my strength which lies in the support of Goan people. There’s no stronger power than People’s Power in a Democracy and so long as the People are with me, I shall keep fighting Corruption. Nobody can suppress my Voice which is the Voice of Goenkars against turning Goa into “Sin City” of India.

Under the Pandemic restrictions, we have been witnessing a dangerous buildup of Drug Trade, Money Laundering, High Level Betting Games with International connections and who’s to say that this whole setup is not directly or indirectly contributing to terrorism also because all the above are avenues of Terror funding!

Right now, I don’t want to believe the frightening terror angle but Corruption is the Mother of all anti-national activities and what we’re witnessing in Goa under the present Government is Utter Corruption as never seen before. That combined with Absolute lack of Governance and Total Mismanagement of the Pandemic has brought Goa to the brink of death and overall destruction of the Goan identity.

It’s time the People of Goa get together to save Goa from being turned into the Drug & Crime Capital of India.

My voice will soon boom again as narrator of the film that follows this Expose’ trailer.


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