People of Goa want rule of law, not child rearing lessons from the CM – says Goencho Avaaz Women’s Cell


Goencho Avaaz Women’s Cell expressed shock and anger at CM Pramod Sawant’s attempt to divert attention from the break down of law and order under his watch by advising parents to morally police their teenage daughters.
Carmen Correia, head of GA Women’s Cell said that Goan parents do not need lessons in child rearing from Home Minister Pramod Sawant. What is called for instead, is for him to focus on doing his duty by rectifying and repairing the completely broken down law and order situation in the state. This is evident from the spate of rapes that Goa has had to endure recently.
While the Goa Police have claimed success in cracking the Benaulim rape case, the question to be asked here, is why persons from all over the country feel comfortable to come to Goa and commit such horrendous crimes against fellow human beings. The answer perhaps lies in the lack of respect for the law enforcement abilities of the Goa police under the present Home Minister.
In fact, the Home Minister, in his avatar of Chief Minister, has been pushing the perception of Goa as a hub for casinos, rave parties and all the sleaze that goes along with it. In short, Goa has been marketed as a sin city, where anything goes, and the law appears to be conspicuous by its absence. Now the chickens are coming home to roost and as usual it is the innocent Goans who have to pay a price. The CM’s brilliant solution that minor daughters should be kept indoors only serves to underline the fact that he has no intention of remedying the situation. In fact, the message is clear – the people of Goa are on their own.
It appears that the die was cast on Liberation Day, when Home Minister Pramod Sawant’s police most efficiently rounded up and arrested innocent and enthusiastic youngsters who came from all over Goa to participate in Liberation Day celebrations in Panaji. This fits in perfectly with the currently prevailing modus operandi of protecting criminals and rapists whilst terrorizing and suppressing innocent people.
“Our hearts go out to the unfortunate victims and their families for the horrible ordeal they have been subjected to. We strongly demand that the CM makes public his plan on how he intends to curb the ongoing and unrestricted criminal activities in the State and make Goa safe for women, children and all its people” concluded Carmen Correia.


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