Pandemic affecting mental health of children, need to resume classes in physical mode : Dr Shekhar Salkar


Panaji : Onco- Surgeon, Chief department of oncology, Manipal Hospital, Dr Shekhar Salkar has brought to the attention of public that physical classes need to start soon as it it affecting the mental health of students.

 “In school children not only study but also learn life skills. They interact with their friends and teachers which is important for their mental health,” he said.
“Classes for students for standard 9th to 12th should commence soon. We can opt for hybrid mode classes in which students who have good connectivity can attend classes from home and those who dont can come to attend calsses in the school,” Said Salkar.
The oncosurgeon also informed that seventy per cent children already have antibodies as they  had got Covid-19 and recovered. “Children who have co-morbidities should get doctor’s certificate to attend physical classes,” he asserted.
According to the doctor, third wave of Covid-19 will come but wont be as strong as the 2nd wave.


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