Old Goa police conduct raid on gambling activities



Old Goa police on 15/03/2019 conducted a raid and arrested 06 persons who were found indulged in card gambling in open public place near Health Centre, St. Cruz, Tiswadi – Goa.

As per PI Jivba Dalvi information regarding card gambling being carried out in public place was received through reliable sources and accordingly a raiding team was formed and during the raid 06 persons were arrested and Rs. 14,170/- was seized along with other gambling articles.

The arrested persons are namely 1. Umesh Vishram Ghogle, age 34 yrs 2. Ramesh S/o Basudev Sahani, age 38 yrs , 3. Sanjay Krishna Kumar, age 21 yrs, 4. Rintu S/o Silayasa Sahani, age 25 yrs 5. Shankare Krishnappa Lamani, age 24 yrs, all R/o St. Cruz, Tiswadi- Goa and 6. Dattaram Anant Naik, age 26 yrs R/o Mala, Panaji Goa.

All accused persons have been arrested under section 11(2)(a) of Goa Daman & Diu Protective Gambling Act.

The staff of raiding party consisted of PI Jivba Dalvi ,LPSI Priyanka Sawant, LPSI Veronica Coutinho, Police constables Mayur Asulkar, Samir Phadte, Laximan Matonkar, and Gitesh Gawas.

Further investigation is in progress .


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