No new surge of Covid-19 good sign but people must adhere to guidelines: Dr Shekhar Salkar 

Panaji: In what could be seen as a good  aign for the state, renowned oncologist Dr Shekhar Salkar on Wednesday informed that despite tourism resuming in Goa, there hasn’t been any significant increase in number of Covid-19 cases.
“Even after resuming the most-awaited Tourism sector, we haven’t seen any significant rise in the new COVID  cases yet in the last one week. COVID  beds in hospitals are still empty with no rising  incidence of mortality,” Dr Salkar informed.
Opining that most of the tourists have been infected and cured or screened Dr Salkar said, “Seeing the current trend, I feel that most of the tourists, who are coming to Goa, must have already been infected by COVID and after becoming negative or completing their mandatory home isolations they have come to the state.”
However, Dr Salkar suggested that this shouldn’t be taken on a lighter note and people must continue to follow the norms laid by the administration to restrict the spread of the infection.
“This doesn’t mean we should become complacent. We still need to adhere to the guidelines of wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and hand washing. The Government must also impose guidelines strictly for locals as well as tourists in order to cease the further spread,” Dr Salkar added.


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