Need a direct Kadamba bus from Sanguem, Curchorem, Sanvordem to Verna


Sanguem: Though a large number of workforce for Verna Industrial Estate is from areas like Sanguem, Curchorem and Sanvordem, the lack of direct bus service is putting them to extreme difficulty.

(check video in the story for details)

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Social activist and lawyer Amar Naik who highlighted this plight has said that in absence of direct bus the people living in these areas and travelling to Verna have to put in extra travelling hours and go through rigmarole of changing buses.

He said that more than 500 workers are travelling from Sanguem, Curchorem, Sanvordem areas to Verna Industrial Estate.

Naik has said that at least Kadamba Transport Corporation should start a direct buses connecting these areas to Verna.


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