NCB traces links of the international drug trafficking racket to an employee of Goa resort


Panaji: Narcotics Control Bureau has investigated Goa link into the international drug trafficking racket of bud (curated marijuana) which is sourced from abroad and supplied in Delhi and Mumbai.

NCB has arrested Goa based F Ahmed, who has been working with a prominent resort at Calangute as a driver. The investigators have revealed that F Ahmed was supplying the bud to some prominent receiver at Bangalore, who has linkage with Page 3 celebrities.



NCB took up intensive operations against the trafficked bud sourced from abroad undertaken at Delhi and Mumbai. In all 3 kg of bud seized having high  street value in Mumbai and the best quality is sold at the price of Rs 5,000 per gram. The seizure made in Delhi was destined for Mumbai.  The seizure made in Mumbai was sourced from Canada and destined for Goa.



CB has conducted a intensive operation against the illegal import of curated marijuana (bud), which is primarily sourced from USA and Canada and has huge market demand in Mumbai.  In all, 3.5 Kg of bud has been seized from foreign post offices based on the specific inputs. The widespread use and demand of bud in Mumbai region has jacked up the prices in the grey market and it has huge pecuniary gains in the trafficking. The sourcing of the bud is primarily through the Darknet, which gives the layers of the anonymity to the buyers and sellers. The economic transactions in these types of international drug trafficking is based on the cryptocurrency dealings.



The operations in Mumbai had found the links with Goa and one person namely F. Ahmed r/o Calangute, Goa has been intercepted, who works in a prominent resort as driver. It has further been learnt that F. Ahmed was supplying the bud to some prominent receiver at Bangalore, who has linkages with Page 3 celebrities.

In the operations at Delhi, the source of the bud was found to be USA. The consignee of the contraband was based in Delhi, but was misguided by his contact at Mumbai that some legal stuff is being procured from USA and the same was further to be collected by Mumbai based persons, whose search is underway.


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