Navy’s circular on NOC for constructions condemned by TCP


Porvorim: Goa Forward Party Chief and Town and Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai has said that the TCP board has rejected the circular issued by Indian Navy making their NOC compulsory for constructions within 20 kilometres of Aerodrome.

  Town and Country Planning Board which met under the chairmanship of Sardesai took strong objection to the circular, which was conveyed to them through a letter by South Goa District Collector.

The airport is located in South Goa.

“We have received a letter from South Goa Collector south saying that 20 kms from aerodrome, anything that is constructed or erected, even a tree planted, should come with NOC from the Naval Authorities,” Sardesai said.

“I am aghast that this kind of circular can be issued,” he commented adding that the board has taken strong objection to the circular, which will affect majority part of Goa.

He said he would take up the issue with Union Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu.

“South Goa collector has fallen pray to the tactics of the naval authorities and has issued the circular.

This is a serious issue,” he said.

“We are not going to agree to anything of this sort.

I also going to take this up with union civil aviation minister because this is issue of Goa’s identity as a State,” the minister said.

“Goa is not a Naval Enclave. It is not the case that the Portuguese has gone and Navy has come to Goa,” he said.

Sardesai pointed out that in April 2018, the High Court Bench at Mumbai had cleared  height restrictions in Mumbai.

“The height restrictions in Mumbai is 300 metres. In Goa, the  maximum height is 24 metres. If Mumbai, they are clearing 300 metres, what is the issue in Goa? We are condemning this,” he said referring to the circular.


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